Liquid Analysis

Comprehensive product range for all analytical parameters

Environmental protection, consistent product quality, process optimization and safety – just a few reasons why liquid analysis is becoming increasingly essential. Liquids such as water, beverages, dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals have to be analyzed day in and day out. We support you in fulfilling all these measuring tasks with application know-how and cutting-edge technologies. Discover our comprehensive portfolio and choose the product best suited to your process needs.


  • From standard sensors to complete measuring stations – we provide cutting-edge technology for every liquid analysis parameter.
  • Our high-precision instruments help you to increase product yield, improve product quality and ensure process safety.
  • State-of-the-art communication interfaces and protocols enable you to seamlessly integrate our devices into your processes and plant asset management.
  • Whether process lab, process or utilities – use our know-how and expertise to optimize your application.
  • As leading supplier of analytical measuring technology, we support you during the entire product life cycle - everywhere in the world.

pH sensors and transmitters

pH measurement with glass electrodes and enamel electrodes

The pH value is used as a unit of measurement for the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid medium. The pH-sensitive element of glass electrodes is a glass bulb that supplies an electrochemical potential which is dependent upon the pH value of the medium. This potential is generated because small H+ ions penetrate through the outer layer of the membrane while the larger negatively charged ions remain in the solution.
Glass pH probes contain an integrated Ag/AgCl reference system that serves as the required reference electrode. The pH value is calculated from the potential difference between the reference system and the measuring system using the Nernst equation. Our pH sensors and transmitters achieve outstanding linear measuring performance over an extremely wide pH range!
The measuring principle of enamel pH electrodes corresponds to that of glass pH sensors, however, the pH-sensitive element is enamel.

pH measurement with ISFET electrodes

The pH value is measured with an ion-selective field effect transistor (ISFET). It is a simple transistor with a source and drain that are separated from the base by a semiconductor. Hydrogen ions from the medium may accumulate here. The resulting positive charge on the outside is 'mirrored' on the inside of the base where a negative charge occurs. This makes the semiconductor channel conductive. The more H+ ions accumulate on the base, the more current can flow between the source and drain.


  • Our pH sensors and transmitters meet all requirements from basic functionality up to multichannel and multiparameter measurement.
  • We offer pH buffers, pH solutions and pH standards for pH calibration to ultimate precision. They are produced in our own permanent calibration laboratory that has successfully passed the DAkkS accreditation (German accreditation authority).
  • The different types of electrodes cover all kinds of diaphragms and reference systems, from dirt-repellent PTFE junctions over highly sensitive ceramic diaphragms to blocking-resistant open apertures.
  • We offer pH assemblies for all fields of applications: fixed installation assemblies, immersion assemblies, flow assemblies and retractable assemblies.
  • Automated systems for calibration, adjustment and cleaning ensure optimum performance of the pH sensors and transmitters in chemical processes, pharmaceuticals production or hygienic applications.

Liquiline: cutting-edge transmitter platformt

Transmitters, analyzers and samplers for future-proof plant design and safe operation

Liquiline is the ideal platform for all liquid analysis applications and forms the basis for our state-of-the-art transmitters, analyzers and samplers. The uniform operation across all products offers convenience and ease of use and protects your process from operating errors. Liquiline’s standardized components optimize your spare part stock and so provide significant cost savings. Better still, our Liquiline products can be easily expanded for full flexibility in the future


  • Maximum plant safety provided by one-of-a-kind, condensate-proof Contite measuring cell
  • Contite cell offers very good reproducibility and long-term stability even after temperature shocks
  • The ceramic cell has extremely good chemical compatibility and high mechanical stability thanks to ultra-pure 99.9% ceramic
  • Robust ceramic membrane with integrated membrane breakage detection - also suitable for vacuum applications

Conductivity sensors and transmitters

Products for high precision conductivity measurement in all industries

In many applications conductivity is crucial for process control, product monitoring, water monitoring, or leakage detection. We provide reliable and accurate instruments for all measurement ranges and conditions, such as ultrapure water, CIP cycles, hazardous areas or hygienic processes


  • We offer helpful conductivity calibration solutions and conductivity calibration standards for accurate measurements.
  • The exact cell constant of the conductivity sensors is factory-measured and certified.
  • Our portfolio of conductivity sensors and transmitters covers all conductivity measuring ranges and all commonly used process connections.
  • Compact devices consisting of conductivity sensor and transmitter are perfectly suitable for the food & beverage industry.